Human Connections is a matchmaking agency which focuses mainly on matching singles in London. But also, creating and sustaining relationships with one's self, friends, family, colleagues, partners and with the world. It offers a variety of services such as self-love retreats, matchmaking & relationship education, and group webinars & workshops. The goal is to help individuals build meaningful and healthy relationships with those around them. Human Connections Inner Circle facilitates community events such as panel discussions and networking opportunities to foster meaningful connections between people.

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Dating & Matchmaking Services

Our Dating Strategists & Matchmakers Offer bespoke personal introductions.

Human Connections Inner Circle

Join Our Affordable Exclusive, Private Network Of High-calibre, Professional Singles.

Matchmaking Agency in London led by Dating Strategists and Experts

We go above algorithms.

Human Connections is a face-to-face matchmaking agency helping individuals finding their next long-term relationship. Over 25 years of combined experience, plus extensive knowledge of the exclusive London dating scene, our enviable and varied network of like-minded successful professionals ensures you only meet the people you really want to meet.


A Personal
matchmaking service
and dating agency in London, offering an alternative to online

Dating Community

Safe, Secure Dating
Community. Build Connections & Find Love. Chat, Learn, Grow, Share Interests and Get Closer.

Self Love

Attend our 6 Day Wise & Rise Love | Deep & Transforming Retreat helping you to heal your heart chakra and be ready for love.


Can't afford a matchmaker? Learn to be your own matchmaker & start matching friends with our 5 week-course.

How Does it work?

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If you like the sound of Human Connection and we genuinely think we can find you a perfect partner then we're in business.

There is a one-off joining fee of £2399 (depending on the service chosen) and a monthly fee from £24 depending on the level of membership chosen (from Bronze to Platinum Plus). After all the paperwork signed, here comes the fun part.

We arrange a professional photoshoot which literally transforms the acceptance rate of many of our members. We come along to your home with a professional photographer, a hairstylist, and a makeup artist. We bring professional cameras, studio flash lighting and the paraphernalia needed to produce a selection of high-quality photographs that will be used on your profile. This service is included in our fees. You will also be able to have copies of the photos!

It’s time for you to train us to be your best ally. Again, in your own comfortable surroundings, we will talk about your values, your personality, your background, and your interests. We will get these details upon our trademarked psychological based questionnaire. Upon this session, we will build a solid dating strategy based on the answers given. We have a stunning success rate and would love you to become our next success story!

Your first date: Human Connections organises the first 3 dates, you’re having with your match. Whether it’s a day of culture or an evening of fine dining, we organise everything based on your budget and tastes.

Dating has never been that easy with Human Connections, you can go on with your busy life while our Relationship Creators work behind the scene to find you your other half.

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About Human Connections

Human Connections is a premium agency based in London. Our team of Relationship Creators are all professional and qualified matchmakers, relationship creators, and dating strategist .

With us, you are not part of an algorithm, you are unique. We will sit with you and we get to know you personally to find out what you think is most important in your ideal partner. In fact, our Relationship Creators will act like this friend that wishes you well and will support you offering you advice and guidance along the way. Your Relationship Creator will always be very happy to give you a nudge in the right direction if necessary.


Ok so I am embarrassed to say that I called a matchmaker. I don’t know why. I suppose that since I have a successful career, and a ton of attention from women; I thought Matchmaking was not for me. But it feels great to give up dating apps and let professionals take over all the work of finding a potential long term partner. I am so grateful that I bumped into MH. I had no idea how much I was going to transform by meeting a series of high quality matches. Feeling excited to continue this process and meet the "right" one.”

Well, I joined Human Connections London back in 2018 and they provided excellent service and were polite and supportive to me throughout my membership of 7 months.

I have never considered online dating because of how dangerous it can be meeting strangers on the internet and Human Connections provides a credible alternative to this, carefully interviewing and checking out all members, so I was always 100% sure of who I was meeting. They matched me with a beautiful new partner and I could not be more happier. I would thoroughly recommend using Human Connections, to find your perfect partner.

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Free Webinar

with Live Q&A

Our next webinar is in March and will be help by our Matchmaker in Chief and managing director, Stéphanie Tumba. Sign up below!

Our Managing Director,

Stéphanie Tumba

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Dating & Relationship Strategist in Chief

Stéphanie Tumba is a multi-award-winning writer and entrepreneur with a background in global marketing.
In 2016, she met Human Connections co-founder and matchmaker, Marie Kveldúlfsson (AKA Miia) , upon the launch of her relationship, dating, and divorce book called 100 Dates and a Wedding. Miia being an expert matchmaker and Stephanie knowing London dating scene, they decided to join forces & skills and set up Human Connections (formerly Celest Connections). ​Stéphanie came with the concept of an affordable, private, exclusive club where successful professionals of all trades could find their other half.

​These individuals needed a service where they could be introduced to exceptional partners in a relaxing, discreet and confidential manner. Ever since Stéphanie trained as a matchmaker, RTT Therapist and very recently EFT. She gives talks about relationships and a variety of subjects around the globe. Her successful efforts have been featured on Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Forbes, Every Women, French Morning London, Thrive Global, Ici Londres, and hundreds of other publications.

"I am so proud to inspire others to get out of their phones and meet with other human beings. Connecting to a deeper level than just physical traits. I can't wait to see many singles around the globe find love through our service"

Stéphanie Tumba